Sunday, 12 February 2012

MV Rozi - Gozo: Scuba Diving Sites Malta & Dive Sites Gozo

MV Rozi - Scuba Diving Sites Malta / Scuba Diving Sites Gozo

MV Rozi was a Bristol built tugboat launched in 1958 as the Rossmore by Charles Hill & Sons Ltd. In 1969 she was sold to Rea Towing Company and renamed Rossgarth. In 1981 she was sold to Tug Malta, and renamed Rozi, operated in Grand Harbour Valletta. 
Rozi was scuttled in 1992 off Ċirkewwa as an artificial reef and attraction for Captain Morgan's Underwater Safari Tours. The submarine no longer operates, but the wreck is a popular diving attraction sitting upright, intact except for its engines and propeller, on a sandy bed at a depth of 35 metres (115 ft).
For further information on scuba diving services in Malta & Gozo please click here. 


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  3. MV Rozi was a Bristol built tugboat launched in 1958 as the Rossmore by Charles Hill & Sons Ltd. In 1969 she was sold to Rea Towing Company and renamed Rossgarth. In 1981 she was sold to Tug Malta, and renamed Rozi, operated in Grand Harbour Valletta. activity holidays