Cruises and Excursions in Malta & Gozo

Chikarma offer further holiday services to Malta & Gozo including the following:

Cruises, Tours & Excursions
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 &  Cruises in Malta, Gozo and Comino
We are able to provide fantastic prices on cruises and excursion while you are in Malta & Gozo. We have a wide range of cruises and excursions available from harbour tours to Malta Experiences. Simply let us know your which cruise or excursion you require and we will provide quotes for the various options. We have a website specifically for our cruises and excursions. If you are interested in find out a full list of cruises and excursions in Malta & Gozo then click the link or the picture to the right.

Cruises include the following:
  1. Harbour Cruise
  2. Round Malta Cruise
  3. Comino and Blue Lagoon Cruise
  4. Full Day Comino Cruise
  5. 3 Island Cruise - Malta, Gozo & Comino
  6. Fernandes Gozo, Comino & Blue Lagoon Cruise
  7. Fernandes Sunset Cruise
  8. Underwater Safari Malta
  9. Spirit of Malta Adventure
  10. Discovery Package
  11. Above and Below
  12. Mysteries of the Grand Harbour
  13. Sunday Special
  14. Malta Safari
  15. Gozo Safari
Bus Tours Include the following:
  1. Open Top Sightseeing Bus Tour (North Malta/Blue)
  2. Open Top Sightseeing Bus Tour (South Malta/Red) 
  3. Open Top Sightseeing Bus Tour (Gozo/Green)
  4. Open Top Sightseeing Bus Tour (Malta by Night)  
  5. Malta Pass (One Day)
  6. Malta Pass (Two Days)
  7. Malta Pass (Three Days)
Excursions include the following:
  1. The Malta Experience
  2. Old Prison, Gozo
  3. Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temples
  4. Nature Museum, Gozo
  5. National Museum of Fine Arts
  6. Ta Pinu Sanctury, Gozo
  7. Museum of Natural History
  8. Tarxien Temples
  9. National War Museum
  10. Palace Staterooms
  11. Palace Armoury
  12. Ta Kola Windmill, Gozo
  13. Valletta Living History
  14. St Paul's Catacombs
  15. Zabbar Sanctury Museum
  16. Sightseeing Train
  17. St Agatha's Catacombs
  18. Palazzo Parisio & Gardens
  19. National Museum of Archaeology, Malta
  20. Museum of Archaeology, Gozo
  21. Gozo Cathedral
  22. Great Siege of Malta
  23. Ghar Dalam Cave & Museum
  24. Carmelite Priory Museum
  25. Ggantija Temples, Gozo
  26. Casa Rocca Picolla
  27. Folklore Museum, Gozo
  28. The Knights of Malta
  29. Inquisitor's Palace
  30. Manoel Theatre
  31. Mdina Experience
  32. Medieval Times
  33. Malta Maritime Museum
  34. Malta Falconry Centre
  35. Limestone Heritage Park
  36. Malta Classic Car Museum
  37. The Aviation Museum
  38. Hal Saflieni Hypogeum
  39. Ice Malta Magic
  40. Gozo 360
  41. Playmobil Fun Park
  42. Splash & Fun Water Park
  43. Mediterraneo Marine Park
  44. Sweethaven Village
  45. Mdina Dungeons
  46. Malta Nights Extravaganza
  47. Sacred Island
  48. LWS Animal Park
  49. Blue Grotto
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