Scuba Diving in Malta & Gozo - Holiday Services

At Chikarma Diving we specialise in scuba diving packages to Malta & Gozo. We provide great scuba diving packages including PADI courses, BSAC courses, escorted dives, free diving and large club group packages. 

Why choose Chikarma Diving to create your diving package holiday to Malta & Gozo? 

You can simply browse our website at or alternatively consider the services provided outlined below with price list.

We only provide packages to Malta & Gozo so we have extensive links with all the dive centres and dive providers. For this reason we are able to advise on the best suited location and the dives to be included within your package. on top of this we can pass on great discounts that we get from the dive centres. For this reason our packages are cheaper than direct packages from the Dive Centres. If you don't believe us why not check us out today and request a quote. In fact we guarantee to beat all prices and are happy to price match any package for the same dates and diving requirements.

We can arrange the your scuba diving package to include:

  1. Scuba Diving Package (PADI, BSAC or dive packs)
  2. Create dive site itinerary helping you choose best sites for your standard of diving.
  3. Free Travel Guide to Malta & Gozo with every package purchased.
  4. Transfers from and to the airport on arrival and departure.
  5. Luxury accommodation (luxury self catering apartment, Villa with pool or hotel accommodation)
  6. Car hire for the period of your holiday.
  7. Itinerary for sightseeing in Malta & Gozo during your stay if requested.
  8. Travel to and from the dive sites to accommodation.
Chikarma Diving Price List

Chikarma Diving Split Holiday Offer!

We offer a package where you will spend the first week scuba diving based in Gozo and then transfer to Malta for the second week where you will complete the rest of your holiday relaxing and enjoying the best sightseeing Malta & Gozo have to offer. 

What can we do to make your holiday planning easier?
  1. We will obtain your requirements and provide you with a full list of all available options and prices. This way you will get all options available in Malta & Gozo with advice on which ones are best suited for you and why?
  2. Designate one customer representative to provide quotes and assist you through to complete you perfect package at a great price.
  3. Provide large group discounts. (including one diver free as a reward for your hard working in assisting us to build the best package).
  4. Include you in our referral scheme so you earn rewards for recommending other divers to our services. 
  5. Provide assistance to obtain cheap flights. 
  6. Assist you with choosing accommodation options to include luxury self catering apartments, luxury villas with pool and hotel options.  
Request a quote today and email us your requirements today at